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Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery, Automatic Counter and Filler

VSL-12, VSL-16 & VSL-24 Channels Tablet/Capsule Counters & Fillers

SONY PLC Touch Screen Control

Dynamic photoelectric detecting technique, accurate counting.
Gate array technique of high reliability and computer controlled.
* Main machine has PLC interface, operation is extremely simple and easy to maintain and clean.
* The products dropped by two- stage vibration and dedusting system without scratch to the tablets or capsules, which is conformed to the cGMP standards.
* 12,16 or 24 Counting Channels pass over 3 power vibratory units. Each individual channel is equipped with 9 product sensors (Made in USA) to count each product in free fall and with a special "dust" compensator to assure counting accuracy. It accurately senses all shapes and sizes of products, including all shapes and sizes of tablets, capsules, caplets, softgels and clear softgels. 

* Excellent after sales service support including free 3-4 days set up, integrations, commissioning and training at no extra costs to our customers.

  Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery, Automatic Tablet/Capsule Counter and Filler

 Model VSL Series Automatic Tablet/Capsule/Softgel Counters & Fillers are     available in 12, 16 or 20 Counting Channels to achieve higher counting speed!


Technical Parameters

Number of Counting Channels: 12/16/20
Capacity up to:  80 bottles/min
Product specification: 5-18mm, 00-5#
Power: 220V, 60Hz, 3-PH, 10A
Weight: 880 pounds
Dimension:  95" x 55" x 67"
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